Blogging, one picture at a time

Single-themed picture blogs are hawt.

I’m late to the Tumblr party, but you can’t help but notice the Tumblr aesthetic taking over the web with the proliferation of awesome single-themed picture blogs (though they’re not all necessarily Tumblr blogs).


As with an web service or site, as soon as it hits a critical mass, the critics get snarky – a la Fuck Yeah Sharks:


Copy longer than 10 words is so Q2 2008.

My favorite Single Themed Picture Blogs…

Awkward Family Photos

The lean

Look At This Fucking Hipster


Texts From Last Night

Picture 3

Maybe You Shoudn’t Buy That

Picture 5

This Is Why You’re Fat

Picture 6

Moron Ail – picture blog, though not single topic


Fuck Yeah Sharks

Picture 8

Fuck You, Penguin

egotistical deer

Shipment of Fail

Google knows your name

Fail Blog

Candle Fail

What am I missing?

What are you favorites?


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