My sites of the week: tagging, music & a calendar

I’m hardly the first person to use these sites, but these are the ones that have caught my attention over the past couple of weeks.

Pluggd: text tagging for videos

WHY? This was the most compelling demo at SF New Tech’s most recent event (other than the cuddly Pleo). You’re watching a 45 min clip from CNN but you just want the news about Iraq. Pluggd inserts text tags in the video at the points where Iraq is mentioned, as well terms they deem relevant like “Iran”, “war”, “terrorism”.

Diigo: social book marking site, also allows users to annotate websites and share with others

WHY? My laptop was taken from me before its time last month, and besides missing having a laptop period, the things I miss most from my clunky old Dell are, in order, (1) the graduate school dictionary I compiled of all the esoteric terms I was reading, (2) my bookmarks, (3) travel photos.

Diigo is my second try at using a bookmarking site. I used for a while a couple of years back and abandoned it after a few months of use. The unforeseen laptop tragedy has given me a new appreciation as to why it’s useful to have your bookmarks stored online.

TweetClouds: Tag cloud of all terms you use on Twitter

WHY? You don’t already spend enough time thinking about yourself. Visual summary of what you’ve been writing about.

I’ve been using Twitter for just over a month now, see my TweetCloud here:

Someecards: Writers from The Onion write egreeting cards.

WHY? You need a laugh and/or another distraction at work.

Seeqpod: Find exactly the music you want, stream it to your computer, build playlists

WHY? You want what you want when you want it without having to download songs and viruses to your computer.

San Francisco Web 2.0 Crawl Calendar: Calendar of all Web 2.0 Expo events happening next week

WHY? Some events aren’t listed on Facebook. Thank you Search Marketing Salon for putting this together.


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