Ze’s Back: Color Me Yellow!

Ze Frank’s videos occupied many hours of my time while I was working in the basement Learning Center office at my university in Montreal. His videos warmed the evenings spent in that cold, dark, cement room.

For one year — March 17, 2006 to March 17, 2007 — he filmed one video entry a day, M-F. His video journal was one of the first widely popular blogs that involved audience participation; he also created an alternative advertising model that involved yellow duckies.

I have not heard of Ze since his last post in March 2007, until this week. One of my Twitter friends wrote something about thanking Ze Frank for orange, and today someone emailed a link to one of the funniest videos:

the show with zefrank: 11-27-06

* Is there a stuffwhitepeoplelike post on Scrabble yet?

Why, I wondered, was Ze suddenly showing back up in my life after a one year hiatus?

Two Google-seconds later I had my answer.

Ze has created the ColorWars 2008 on Twitter. Team Orange, Blue, VERY Green, and on. Players join a color team by choosing a color follow, and voila! you’re a team player! There’s something about Bingo challenges, but with my diminished attention span I can’t be bothered to follow through to figure it out. Point is, user-created challenges, games, and merriment are on Twitter.

GaryVee launched GDP08 (Good People Day) on Twitter today, April 3, a little experiment that saw hundreds (thousands?) of nice messages tweeted about others deemed to be good people.

I hear blogging about blogging is in poor taste. I’ll end here.

Learned a valuable lesson about Javascript and WordPress today — they don’t mix — and Ze don’t do Java.

Regardless, glad to have some Ze back in my life. Go Yellow!


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