Hello world! (Entries from Aug ’07)

Entries from August 2007

August 24, 2007

Reprivatize your social network

I linked to ARS Electronic in the last posting and feel compelled to point to Arse Electroknia, as so many other blogs have recently.
Besides having an amusing name, Arse is holding a conference in the city in early Oct on the theme of PrOnnovation – the history of how pornography has driven technological innovation for […]


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August 24, 2007

Are there fortnights in the future?

The Museum of the Future will be closed for a fortnight or so in late August.
I don’t think this is suppose to be funny, but it is a little, no?
When was the last time you heard someone drop ‘fortnight’ into a conversation? For me I think it must have been when I watched that Pocahontas […]


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August 20, 2007

AT&T’s favorite child

Is AT&T playing favorites? Rumor has it they’ve disabled the BlackBerry’s GPS functionality so that the iPhone doesn’t look “diminished” in comparison.
Slashdot reports: “BlackBerryCool got a tip that not only was AT&T removing GPS functionality from their version of the BlackBerry 8820, they’re doing it so it won’t show up the iPhone. While carriers crippling […]


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August 19, 2007

Observed: zombies, communist chic, and $100,000 ponytails

1. “Zombies are the new Pirates”

From flash mobs to Facebook app…
Hilarious mash-up video of White-house journalist interviewing Dubya about zombies:

2. Red Invasion in SF – Hammer and Sickle red hot marketing gimmick
It has moved way beyond the annoying hippy kids with the dirty Che Guevara t-shirt… communist-era propaganda has never been more popular as evidenced […]


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August 19, 2007

From the mouth of (valley) babes

Due to the topic of my thesis – “Constant Connectivity in a Wireless Age: The Discursive Promotional Strategies of the BlackBerry” – I was asked several times during my interview process if I thought the iphone would wipe out the BlackBerry.
Like most other people, I was completely enamoured with the iPhone when I first used […]


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